Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A little nerdy...

The company I work for and the company we sell software for are partnering up with First Robotics (website), a youth robotics competition that starts with legos for the real youngins and then gets up to full blown robot projects. The goal being get kids involved in math and science to later become engineers and take over the world.

Each year they announce a game for the competition whether its "beat the crap out of the other robot" or "dunk a ball on the other robot". Each of the upper level teams are given a kit of parts and they go at it. I am hoping to volunteer at the local high school when they announce the game in January. We will probably come up with something like this... I'll keep you updated.

I know that there will be some struggles with programming the bot, does anyone have experience or a good source we can hit up?!? Let me know! Thanks!!!!

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