Friday, October 23, 2009

Foosball Week 7

Vikes are undefeated, Hawks are undefeated, what is going on!!!!!!!!! There is plenty of season left to play but the N & M household is pretty pumped!

Some people have way too much time on there hands... and a bad taste in music

Hawks - 7-0, yet another big game at Michigan State. First time the hawks could be 8-0.
ISU - 4-3, at Nebraska, good luck
Gophers - 4-3, at Ohio State, good luck
SDSU - 5-1, UNI at home
St. Thomas - 5-1, at Carleton

Lone Tree - 3-5
City High - 8-0, final game of the year, DO IT
Eastview - 5-3
Eden Prairie - 8-0
Elk River - 1-7
Lakeville - 6-2

Can somebody please explain to me why MN high schools all of a sudden just start playing on Wednesdays?!?

CR Kennedy - Lost in the semis of the MVC conference tourney, state is around the corner

Vikes - 6-0, at the Steelers this week, by far the toughest match up of the year. Apparently the cheer is SKOL Vikings, I don't like that.

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