Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Best Time of the Year

Football season is upon us. The greatest 6 months of the year (minus the weather). Quality couch time Thursday through Monday. No wonder the winter weight adds 10 pounds to the mid section:)

The past few years I've had quite the workout following all of teams. Three buddies coaching all over the place, Iowa, the Vikes, and unfortunately the better half has brought the Gophers and Iowa State into the mix. I've got to follow the Alma Mater in City High, and I've got a cousin playing at Cedar Rapids Kennedy. Molly is working for Lakeville, Megs went to Eastview. Uncle Keith is coaching in Elk River and the Dr. and I have to support the juggernaut that is Eden Prairie as it was our first home in Minnesota. Whew!

Coach Mikey is on to his 4th season at Lone Tree. Took them to the playoffs for the first time last year and is off to a decent start this year, won the opener but dropped one last week. Miaggi's family has started a dynasty at Solon so of course I have to check in on them as well. The guy really impresses me, I coached some junior high baseball with him in college and the kid would pull the greatest speeches of all time out of you know where all the time. Phenomenal!

Coach Timmy played at South Dakota, grad assist. at Wayne State, had a short tenure at Simpson College and has now joined the staff at South Dakota State. The boy likes to get around. His squad opens up this weekend. SDSU plays the Gophers in November, anyone interested in going?

Coach Kyle played at Iowa, ROOMIE!, grad assist at St. Cloud State and is now at St. Thomas. Ran over Macalester in the opener, Coach says they are looking good for this year. Going to catch a game Sept 19 if anyone is interested?!?

The Hawks opened up with UNI. They won, that's all I'm going to talk about. They play ISU this week, big rivalry!! Nate VS Megan. Who cleans the bathroom for the next year?!? Homecoming and Minnesota game?!?

Gophers eeked one out against Syracuse.
City High 2-0
Lakeville 1-0
Eastview 0-1
Elk River 0-1
Eden Prairie 1-0
CR Kennedy 1-1 (we're more focused on the volleyball)

Don't worry, I'll be updating you weekly:)


  1. A. You are my husband and you dont even know what High School that I went to - I went to Eastview - not Eagan! Loser.
    B. You forgot, Iowa State is 1-0

  2. A. I don't know what you are talking about

    B. Nobody cares

    Have a good day!