Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Nate's Woodshop Class - Dining Room Table - 5.13.2009

One step closer...

Wood filler ended up working out well. I have filled all of the Kreg holes with the filler as well. The legs have been screwed and glued. Next step is sand and stain!

The picture on the right is immediately after I added the wood filler.

Kreg sells wood hole fillers but because the material for the sides is so thin (3/4"), the fillers are a bit too large. Meg had the idea of using the remaining wood filler to do the job. It turned out perfectly.

I had initially thought that I wouldn't be able to get the table in the house with the legs on because of its size and weight. The original door we wanted fell through and the replacement is not as wide nor as heavy. I stained the corners of the door/sides and then screwed and glued the legs in position.
Tonight we will let the remaining wood filler and glue dry. Tomorrow night we sand, clean, and stain!

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