Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Veggie Garden (Kind of)

Summer means the farmers market to me! Nate and I are lucky enough to have one close enough to walk to - which is awesome. There is nothing better than getting some fresh vegetables, and sometimes fruit, and eating it that same day!
And while I really do like giving my money to those small farmers that bring their crop every week, I wanted to try to grow a few of my own. Plus, on weekends that we are out of town, we don't get to go to the farmers market.
Below is my first vegetable garden. Okay, so it is a pot, and one that I picked up free from the Bloomington Garbage days, but it is still a garden. I am hoping that the 'garden' being in a pot will keep away all the bunnies that jump around our back yard. This is a picture from a week ago.

I planted Tomatoes (the tall one on the right), Green Peppers (the back left), and basil. The tomato plant has grown so much that I had to stake it up already. Hopefully soon I will start to see little green tomatoes!

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