Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Initial thoughts on moving into a fixer upper:

When looking for a new house we knew that we wanted to find a house that needed work.  A major reason was being able to afford more house in the location that we wanted, but another big reason is that we like projects.

We are nearing two months into our house, and we are slowing (damn wallpaper) making changes.  I think that I have taken down over 1,000 sq feet of wall paper, and there is still more to go! Some of the projects were short and made an instant impact (taking down the kitchen cabinets), while some seemed to take hours and hours (again- damn wall paper).

A few thoughts on moving into a fixer upper:

1. There are endless projects: And that is amazing. And scary.  There is not a single wall in the new house that doesn't need to be painted.  And most of the rooms need new flooring.  And I love that I get to do that... but it can seem daunting.

2. There are too many ideas on Pinterest.  I mean, we all know Pinterest in addicting, but now with a new house and projects that I can actually do.... I have to pin about 50% of my pins to secret boards... not because they are secret, but I don't want people to see how much I am on Pinterest :)

3. You learn to live with chaos and imperfection.  I love to entertain, and if I waited until our house was complete before having people over, it would be YEARS. So I embrace the progress, and use parties as a motivation to check a few more things off my to do list.

 And just for fun... a sneak peak at some paint (unmixed) for Henry's room....

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