Wednesday, November 20, 2013

It's the little things

Milestones are fun.  Rolling over, walking, talking... they are great.   But what I never want to forget are the little things.  So I am going to start documenting them here.  Hopefully I will do this regularly, so that years from now, when I regret not ever writing in their baby books, I can look back here and smile at the memories.

1. How Henry tilts his head to the side when he says 'I love you', as if saying it doesn't melt my heart enough, he as to look at cute as freakin possible while he is saying it.
2. Every morning, after Zoey is dressed, she points to her hair and walks upstairs.  Where she waits by the big mirror for me.  There I sit down and she sits on my lap and I put her hair in a pony tail.  Sometimes she tells me she wants two.  Then she gets a nuk to entertain her while she sits.  Afterward, she runs to find Daddy to show him her hair.
3. No matter the question that you ask Zoey these days the answer is 'two'.  what do you want for dinner? 'two'.  What is your favorite color? 'two'. Nope.  I like to make her seem smart by asking her questions where the answer is two. How many cats do you have? 'two'.  'How many babies does mommy have? 'two'.  What comes after one? 'two'.  She is so smart :)
4. Last night Henry was 'hiding on the couch' (Sitting there with his hands over his eyes). Nate and I were at the top of the stairs watching this.  Zoey started going down the stairs and Henry smiled at her and patted the seat next to him.  What? It was such a grown up, adorable, sweet thing to do, and I nearly cried.

Some times days are hard... keeping up with 2 toddlers takes work, but the reward is totally work it... These are the little things that make my day. 

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