Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Infinity Scarf

I have wanted to make a scarf for Zoey for a while now.  The other night, I put one of my mom's scarfs on her, and she left it there.  It was adorable - like a mini adult.  So, the next day, I stopped at the fabric store to get material for a scarf.  I had about 5 bolts in my cart, but decided that I should make one and make sure she would wear it before I went too crazy.

So, I stayed up late one night - Almost until 10 - watch out party animal here- to make her scarf.  My sewing machine was being a little crabby, and I almost gave up... but I really wanted to finish the scarf so she would wear it the next day. 


Um- How cute is she?!  Jeggings,a white t-shirt, side pony, and an infinity scarf.  Ignore the shoveling of the banana into her mouth.  Or the make-up brush of mine that she thinks is her toy.  (If you notice, these are popping into most pictures... it is a trend at our house, and I need a solution for putting my brushes somewhere higher).

I wish I could say that she wore it all day.  In fact, I wish I could say she wore it for 5 minutes.  No such luck.  As soon as the banana was gone, so was the scarf.  So, I have sadly not gone back to the fabric store to stock up.  But I have not given up on getting her to wear the scarf... I will try again!

PS- sorry for the blurry pictures.  It is a combination of toddlers on the run, and toddler slobber on the lens of my phone camera.  Nice huh?

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