Monday, March 25, 2013

House Updates... I'm a fan

After living in our house for nearly 6 years, we are finally updating the electrical.  We only have overhead lighting in the kitchen, dining room and basement.  And it is kind of a pain.  Until now (well, until two weeks from now). 

One of the requirements Nate had, was to add ceiling fans to the living room and bedroom.  I know that they are nice, but they are usually ugly!!  So, I set out to fine the best looking fan I could.  And I found some right away... for $550.  Not happening. So after a few hours searching... this fan is coming home with us (x2).

Via here

So not only will we have overhead lights, we will have ceiling fans.  And Henry and Zoey love to stare at the fans at their grandparents' houses, and point to them until they are turned on.  So I know that they will be big fans too (haha- see what I did there - fans)

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