Monday, November 26, 2012


Hope you all had a great thanksgiving!  Our Thanksgiving started out by having to cancel Nate and my date night, due to me feeling sick.  I was up sick all night... not pretty.  Thankfully I was finally feeling like myself by about 3 - when we headed over to my parents house for dinner.  The dinner was so fun, filled with family and food. 

The highlight of dinner?  That would be when Henry had a blow out. Up to his shoulders. While sitting at the table having dinner.  And needed a bath mid-meal.  Kendall was happy to inform everyone:  'Enri poop'!  Somehow, Nate and I were able to come back down from the bath and finish eating. 

We were having so much fun, I only got 2 pictures all night... First Kendall and me.  It looks like she is picking my nose, but she is not.  Although I do not know what she is doing. 

Then Zoey, trying to take off uncle Keith's glasses.  

Friday, after a little early shopping (7am - I am not the 4am crazy), we decorated the tree and got all our decorations out. 

Then, it was finally cold enough for a fire!  Nothing like a fire and a movie when it is cold outside. 

 All in all, it was a great weekend, so fun to spend 4 full days as a family, but we are all tired and went to bed early last night.  In fact, someone wanted to take a nap on Nana right after dinner. 

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