Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Friends Thanksgiving

Warning, this post is picture overload.  On Saturday, we had a few friends over for Thanksgiving.   There were about 10 adults and 5 kiddos.

Annie came over early to help me set up... and I love what we ended up with.

Dollar Store Candles, burlap, some felt leaves, and some pumpkins

This was the boys table - set up in our living room so they could watch football

Adult's place-markers

Kids place-markers

The girls table

Annie - glad that we are done setting up. 

One of my friends that came was Suzanne and her daughter Quinn (Suzanne's husband had to work, but he made some yummy cookies for us anyway).  We met at our pregnancy class, and she had Quinn 2 days before Henry and Zoey were born.  Since then we have gotten together to let our kiddos play - they love each other.

Zoey, Henry and Quinn - with her little teeth!
Zoey and Henry were infatuated with Suzanne - or maybe it was the snorts she was doing....

I feel like this picture goes from left to right of sitting up the highest to the lowest and most hair to least hair....

Quinn:  Mom, you are so embarrassing - I am out of here...

Henry: Wait for me.  Oh, I can't quite do it yet. 

Henry: Wait Quinn... Dont leave me.
Zoey: Quinn, your mom is awesome

She is such a cuite!! She is about the same height as Henry and Zoey, but about 3lbs lighter... 

Can you tell I thought Quinn was the cutest!  Also the kiddos got a little carried away with the cheerios at dinner..

Quinn is a natural gymnast... look at those splits.  Seriously, she was doing this all night and I was laughing so hard.  She was showing off...

It was such a nice night out.  So after dinner we went outside...

Zoey loves her friend Laura

Hayes looks a little turkey drunk

Leah... such a cutie!

Quinny again... she screams just like Zoey.  

Art and Leah

Leah would walk past me and say cheese - how could I not keep snapping pictures of her...

 Hayes... love this little Toe head..

All in all - it was a great night!  It was awesome that the weather turned out so nice, that we could enjoy one last night outdoors.

Now - just 2 more full on Thanksgiving meals to go... wonder how many pounds of pumpkin I can eat in that time period?!


  1. I love this post but it makes me very sad at the same time. Love all the pictures of the kids!

  2. What a great table. I love the felt leaves in the center!

  3. Thanks so much for linking up to Dare to DIY! Your table set ups look so fun. I love the place cards.

  4. Those are some cuuuuuuute babies! Your little twins are adorable! And I love the table setting--festive and fun. Thanks for joining in!