Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Chillin' with friends

This past weekend, we made the trip down to Iowa City to spend some time with Nate's parents and to visit some of our friends that live there.  Saturday morning, we headed over to Ben and Missy's house.  They have Jack who is almost 2 and Brecken who is 2 months old. 

First we had to sit in Jack's fun chair... 

 Zoey working on her fitness - aka playing with a rattle that looks like a dumbbell.  

Nate and Brecken seemed to like each other... I am sure that they were talking about the up coming game. 

Then we put 3 of the kids on the couch for a picture. Brecken had fallen asleep. Lets just say it was Jack's nap time... and Missy and I made him take too many pictures... 

Even crying hard, and wearing Ben's hat he is the cutest little guy!  I love how concerned Henry and Zoey look. 

The above picture is so funny - Zoey's pants (size 9 months) are a little tight and give her a muffin top... meanwhile, Henry's diaper is a little full, and he busted out the bottom of his outfit.  Closer view:

Lastly, Brecken - he was so good, and slept the majority of the time. How cute is he... and love that hair!

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