Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Trying to take a picture of 4 kids under one...

When our friends Brian, Sarah and Carter were visiting, we tried to get a picture of all 4 kids (Annie and Jeff's Hayes too).  Hayes and Carter are 2 weeks apart - so at the time they were about 10 months old,  I thought taking a picture of my two were hard... this was down right comical.

Getting them all set up - and trying to stop Carter from copping a feel from Zoey....

Annie, trying to duck in front of the couch, Carter just thinks it is a game...

Actually a pretty good one... if only Henry's cheeks didn't weigh is head down

Hayes pats Henry on the head...

...and Carters on the move

What you can't see is that Henry is now crying

..and all hell broke loose.

And this was only with 2 kids that could move.... can't wait to try this again.  While it was a crazy weekend with these four - it was so much fun.  Brian and Sarah - you are welcome any time.

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  1. Next time we can add my 2 crazies! Homecoming weekend?