Saturday, September 8, 2012

6 Months Old

How did this happen?? My babies are 6 months old?!  They are at a really fun stage right now, laughing, playing and sleeping hard.  

Pepper photo bomb:

 They are also starting to play so much more with eachother...

Zoey likes: Her giraffe 'Ralphie', laying on her back, talking to herself, eating
Henry likes:  Standing, Jumping, Dancing, sleeping

Zoey dislikes:  Being left alone, tummy time, waiting for more than 10 seconds when she is hungry
Henry dislikes: Being hungry... lets be honest - Henry is pretty easy

Zoey talents: Sleeping really hard, talking non-stop for hours, eating more than her weight in food, grabbing Pepper
Henry talents: Standing, scooting (backwards), rolling all over, knocking mom and dad's glasses off, pulling mom's hair

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  1. Time sure does fly by, they are so stinkin cute!! Miss you guys!