Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Month in Pictures-August

Since Nate and I got our new iPhones, we have been taking pictures like crazy... but I realized that we rarely post anywhere but Instagram.  That - or they stay on our phones...  So, to make sure that all friends and family that reads this blog (I think there are at least 2 of you) sees these pictures - here they are!

 Zoey and Henry are grabbing at everything now... including my hair and Nate's nose.  It is so funny how strong their little grips are.  When they get my hair - it is a 2 person job to get it back.

The whole family took my dad to a twin's game for his retirement. We had a blast.  Kendall had a hot dog and some popcorn with papa, and Henry and Zoey got way too many comments about twins at a twins game:

Henry's belly is putting him into 6-12 month pants, meanwhile, Zoey finally outgrew her last 0-3 month outfit.  (Yep - at almost 6 months... she is a tiny thing)

 Now that we have settled into a routine, we have started going projects again.  It feels so good to get back into it.  Granted, I know that projects will be smaller and take longer, and will have to cost less (diapers are expensive), but it is something that Nate and I enjoy and love to do together when we can.

Both Hank and Z still love their bath time,  and so do Mom and Dad. 

Zoey likes to talk - a lot.  Nate's grandma (Gigi) calls her a Jabberwalkie.  I think it fits her. But apparently, Henry doesn't always like her to talk and wants to get a word in himself... so shoving his arm in her month did the trick.
 Nate is geared up for Football.... although a few hours after this picture was taken Henry had a blow-out all up the back of this shirt. I think it was Henry's way of telling Nate how he feels about the Hawkeyes :)

Ah - these colors look much better :)  Nate's cousin Kristin is the star volleyball player for ISU... and their season started last weekend.  Even though these onesies are 18months, I had to put them in them for a picture for Kristin.  Nate: See- they are smiling and no pooping... I think it is a sign. Actually, Nate is fine with them wearing these, because they specifically say Volleyball... Just wait until they wear the shirt my friend Kelly got them ('Parent's don't let your baby grow up to be a hawkeye) :)

We started giving Henry and Zoey a sippy cup to see what they would do.  They both love to chew on it - but Zoey is actually pretty good at drinking out of it too!  

Henry and Zoey make everything a little hard to do.. I mean babies do that in general, but two is a different story.  I mean, look at how we have to roll when we go grocery shopping - double decker.  But -hard does not mean worse.. I would not change anything! They are fun, entertaining, loving, and pretty easy babies.  So even when we have to stack the groceries under our cart (and by groceries I mean diapers, formula, baby food, and then if there is any room left in the cart - some adult food) - it is totally worth it. 

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  1. The kids look SO MUCH happier in their ISU clothes!