Monday, August 6, 2012

5 Years!!

 I cannot believe that Nate and I have lived in our house for 5 years now!  The time has flown by so fast!  When we purchased the house it was going to be our 3-5 year house - well, then the market tanked and we felt like maybe it can be our 10 year house.  Then we brought home not one, but two babies, and our house felt like it shrunk in half.... so now we are hoping that this will be our 7-8 year house.  That being said, I LOVE this house.  I smile every time I pull up.  Maybe because it is all ours, or maybe because we have put so much work into it...

I know that there are still many things that we would like to do with our house, but I decided to take a look back and see some of the changes that we have made over the years.

House the month we moved in

House in fall of 2011 after we painted it.

The spare room/junk room/future bar area in the basement when we moved in...

The year after we moved in.....

2 years ago.  Now, this is where I sit at my computer, but soon, this will be changed to the kids toy room.

 Our garage- before we started doing projects and could both park our cars in there :)

Our patio - with the large bushes taking over

After hours of sweating and brainstorming - pulling up the bushes that were growing in the cement. (Ignore the wrinkly rug...)

 The thing that I hated most about our kitchen... the peel and stick tiles, with missing tiles, and burn holes by the stove. 

 The love of my life (okay, after family and friends and all that) our new kitchen floor - the striped cork.

 Then this began - the painting of our cupboards.....

 The things that I love almost as much as the flooring - the tile back splash.  My dad helped me, and I was so excited to tackle such a project. 

Arg- almost as bad as our kitchen floors - was the awful old windows.  So we got new ones on the main floor.  (I know that I took pictures, but can't find any)  Since the new windows had white trim, we had to paint the rest of the trim on the mail floor white too.  

 I honestly hated this project... it was so time consuming; priming and priming and painting and painting and then touching up the walls.... arg.  But I LOVE the outcome. 

 Then began my favorite project to date... the Nursery!

I could never get tired of spending time in this room... love it. 

There are still many more rooms that I didn't show, and plenty of more rooms that need a small (or large) face lift, and I am itching to start doing projects again.... so be on the look out from some coming ideas. 

Oh, and for those of you that come to the blog specifically to look at pictures of Henry and Zoey - From 5 months ago - the first time I got to hold my little nuggets - Enjoy:

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  1. You guys have done so much - it looks amazing!