Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cell Phone Dump

Cleaning off the phone, have a few pictures to share...
Last weekend was the Tough Mudder in Somerset, WI. 12 mile obstacle course mostly through mud. Lots of fun but wasn't feeling too good on Sunday :) Before and After of my shoes. They were in worse shape before we had to jump into the ice bath.

Henry and I sporting our mustaches. Kid looks pretty good with a stache.

Supporting Dad. Flexing our muscles.

Supporting Dad^2. Look at that Tough face, haha...

Hard to go to work in the morning when you see this... 

Kaleb meeting the twins when we were back in IC for the shower. 

Pammy! Great seeing the neighbors at the shower.

The nuggets playing

Got to see Dave and Pat when we were back in IC. GREEN IS IN!

Don't know how they do it but we find them in these positions all the time. Cutest thing ever.

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