Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Update

Nate and I (and Henry and Zoey) had a great weekend.  We got out of the hospital for a bit on Friday night and went to hang out with some friends.  It felt nice to be 'normal' for a while.

Zoey is now on Zantac for acid reflux, as we are thinking that is what is causing her apnea.  The dr explained that if babies have milk or acid coming up their throat, not only is it uncomfortable, but they stop breathing, so that it doesn't go into their lungs.  Smart babies.  The Zantac has helped so much!! Not only is she having much fewer spells, we can tell she is more comfortable in between feedings.  Hopefully this will continue to get better.

I love snuggle time :)

Henry showing you what a big boy he is and holding his own bottle.  (Clearly is was just a fluke that he held it... but Nate, I and the nurse were laughing pretty hard).

 I think that besides the chin and cheeks - you can tell they are twins in this picture... Also - love that Hank is getting a double chin.  Growing big!


Nate's favorite part of the weekend... We finally purchased the BOB Dullie.  Nate has been eyeing this thing since the day we found out we were having twins.  We joined REI to get a 20% discount, and he has been saving gift cards for a while now.  So Saturday night the Dullie came home with us.
Nate had to bring it inside to play with it, and Colby quickly found a new hangout.  Apparently he thinks that he is going to go on walks too :)

The last part of our exciting weekend was going shopping last night at Old Navy.  This is the first time that Nate and I have been able to buy gender specific clothes, and man was it fun.  I had a 20% off, and Old Navy is pretty cheap to begin with, so we just started grabbing stuff.  They don't have a huge selection, but we did manage to get quite a few outfits for each nugget. 

Hope that you all had a great weekend too!  And here's to hoping that next weekend all four of us will be in our own home :)


  1. They're so sweet when they cuddle each other! I love that! So excited to hear Zoey is doing better...can't wait until the little beans are home and we get to come visit!

  2. Beautiful babies and I just LOVE all the pictures, especially the cuddle one with you!

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