Friday, March 9, 2012

The Night

Nate's Timeline:

230 first call from meg, she's going home from work

330 meg tells me to wrap it up at work

430 I get home from work, pack the car

530 arrive at hospital and get a room

600 nurse tells us meg is in labor, calls dr.g

630 meg is prepped, stuck with 100 needles, heads to the OR

645 waiting...

700 finally in the OR with Meg, Meg is nautious from one of the drugs, throwing up the whole time

712 dr.g pulls Zoey Arminda 4 lbs 13 oz

714 dr.g pulls Henry Lee 5 lbs 1 oz

I lost track of time after this. I got to cut Henry's cord and carry him to the NICU. Zoey and Henry get cleaned up, poked and prodded for over an hour. Very hard to watch but the kids are doing really well, breathing on there own. After what seemed like forever, meg was in the recovery room and I get to see her. Shes doing better but pretty out of it. after another hour meg is moved from recovery with a short stop to see the twins. Awesome moment. I'm sure the details will continue to fill in as I go through the pictures.


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