Friday, February 3, 2012

No sew, ghetto crib skits

After putting up our cribs, we realized that we would need to add some crib skirts.  First, because our internet router is in this room.  (Yes, we could move it, but Nate drilled a lot of holes and wired it so the router was going to stay.)

Plus, I really wanted to be able to store extra stuff under the beds, because like I said before, this room is SMALL.   So a trip to JoAnns led me to a white and gray hounds tooth pattern that I LOVED.  Only problem, there was only 2 yrds of it.  I thought what the heck.. I buy the 2 yards and make it work. (Yes, I heard Tim Gunn in my head - you only get that if you watch Project Runway- but I promise it makes sense).

The 2 yards of fabric was just enough to cover any showing part of the underside of the crib, and my ghetto crib skirts were born.  I cut the fabric, and was about to stitch the bottom, when I realized that I had some liquid stitch, which would be better, because there would be no need to worry about the stitch showing.  Yep, the crib skirt just got even more ghetto :)

I used double sided sticky- velcro to attached the crib skirt to the crib.  That way, when we have to move the mattress down, I can adjust the crib skirt so it still just brushes the ground.

What do you think of my make sift, now sew, ghetto crib skirts?

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