Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Pregnancy Update

I am sure that most of you saw this on Facebook, but below is me at 27 Weeks

In case you were wondering, I am measuring at 36 weeks for a single pregnancy.... yep feeling a little huge.

I am now over 28 weeks - into my third trimester - and feeling even bigger.  It is weird how heavy a belly can feel.  Not to mention the space the babies are taking over my internal organs... like my lungs.  I developed a cold this week, and between that, and not being able to take a deep breath because of the babies, it has been fun.

But the twins are moving a ton now!!  One of them (or both) is getting the hiccups quite frequently.  I am sure they are hitting each other in there too - with the amount of movement there is.


  1. Meg,
    congrats on the announcement of your twins - how exciting. You look awesome! The nursery is so cute...hang in there :) best wishes, Erin port

  2. You are such a cute mom-to-be!