Thursday, April 29, 2010

The New Job

February of this year I made a move to Primordial Soup. A similar engineering design job but focused on medical device design. I haven't really figured out how or who came up with the name but maybe some day...

One of the first things that caught my attention was the space. P Soup does not occupy the entire space, it's actually divided up between 4 companies and hopefully soon to be 7-8 as we take over another portion of the building. Each company brings something different to the table as an engineer or industrial designer. Each company works collectively on most projects which allows for many more ideas/concepts and a faster pace.

It looks like we had IKEA sponsored the place

The originator is from Ft. Collins and is in love with New Belgium beer which works out really really well for me. You'll see the old bikes and other remnants all over the office.

The guy who started it all is also a pretty good woodworker. All the tables/desks in the office were made by him. Very impressive. I think he should start a side business.

Another plus to the new job is having a prototype shop in house. I can create my design and have something to hold within hours. Pretty awesome.

My lowly desk. It's accumulating crap quickly.

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