Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Pouf

Okay, so remember I told you that I wanted to make my Sheepskin Pouf? - The one from West Elm that was $300... well I did - and I have to say that I am dang proud. 

I didn't take a lot of pictures, because I wasn't really expecting it to turn out. It was my first big project on the sewing machine- one that involved 3D corners, zippers, and had to be very durable. But lets just say that I did have a lot of help from the kitties :)

Some people asked what a pouf was - and it is hard to explain, but it is kind of like a overstuffed beanbag chair.  It is about a foot and a half tall and 2 feet wide and deep. It is super comfortable to sit on - but you could also use it as an ottoman. 

This is my finished pouf. I Have a strong inner layer to hold all of the stuffing (more on the stuffing later), and faux sheep skin covering 5 sides. I went with the fake, because I realized that it was WAY cheaper than the real stuff, I dont know why I thought it was going to be the same.

To get a feel for the size here is Pep enjoying the nearly finished pouf:

(Just needed to stitch the edges down)

West Elm Pouf = $300
Megan's Pouf = $75

Like I said - I am pretty proud of myself, and I am also becoming a little obsessed with sewing :)  Who knew.

If you are interested in making one - let me know and I can either help you or write out the directions for you...

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