Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

Nate and I have been discussing our New Years Resolutions... and we have settled on a few:

1. Blog more - and more about house projects, what we are doing, and things that we care about
2. Save more money- First thing on January 1st (well after cleaning up from our party), we sat down on Mint and set our budgets, to make sure that we are going to be saving money.
3. Cooking more unique foods. Once a week Nate or I (we will each do every other week) will make an entire meal that we have not tried before. Nate has already read through his grilling cookbook :) And we will post the recipes of the successful meals - so look for that
4. Continue to improve our house - both cosmetic and a few bigger improvements. We have a few in the hopper to finish soon.
5. Volunteer. Nate will be working with the robotics team and we are hoping to get involved with Habitat sometime this summer.

We each have individual resolutions that we may post about later. So, hopefully you will enjoy the results of our new years resolutions, as you will most likely see most of them on this blog.

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