Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Back in the IC

I spent last week in Iowa City taking care of Papa Smurf as he was recovering from foot surgery and enjoying the some time back at home. Pops had to have a few bone spurs removed, nothing major but it was his right foot and needed somebody to cart him around to a few appointments and most importantly take Snoop for a walk.

Being back in town gave me time to hit up some of the favorite restaurants. Wings at The Vine (always go with the Honey Maple BBQ), pizza at Pagliai's (Palace Special), a sandwich at Quinton's and some delicious BBQ at Jimmy Jacks. Making dinner for Dad included him taking me out to all of these fantastic places.

The other great thing about being home was waking up to fresh coffee and an excellent breakfast.

The only way to combat the 800 pounds I should have put on was getting Snoop out for a few walks. He's getting old and struggles to hop up on the couch every now and then but the dog loves the walk. I dare you mention the word...

A trip to Long John Silver's. Can you identify what is fish and what is chicken?!?

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