Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Lucas St. Crew

This past weekend I had some old roomies and friends make the trip up to Minneapolips. It was really good to see these guys and get after it a little bit.

Coach Mike brought the fam, Kate and little Melanie.

After some horse racing at Canterbury Downs Friday night, a few of us headed into Uptown. We all went to William's (don't eat the peanuts) and had a few beers, and cocktails, and shots (thanks D).

Joe, Jeff, Clint

Joe and Pumpkin

Joe and Jen

Why do the ladies love this guy?!?
Derek, Missy, and Kami

Everybody made it over for a little BBQ and fire Saturday night. Some bags, booze, and falling over in chairs.

Coach Tim - Coach Kyle, Derek - Art
Joe and I mopped up against everyone in bags, here we have the losers championship.

We had quite the spread. Thanks to everyone for bringing the grub.
Kate, Pumpkin, Laura, Megan

There were some intense football conversations.
Coach Mike and Coach Tim

And some goofing around.
Coach Kyle, Pumpkin, Coach Tim

And of course Joe and whatever he can wrap around his head...

Along with Ryan...
How many cocktails have we had?!?

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