Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Being Green, Saving Green, Stopping Crime

Yep- Nate and I did all of that in about 30 minutes tonight! Okay, actually all we did was stop by a local Used Book Sale whose proceeds went to the Bloomington Police department to help crime prevention programs.

But I did get 4 books that I am super excited to read. See, being green, by re-using someones old book. I actually get 90% of my books from, which is buying someones used books, but they are usually about $5 by the time you pay for shipping. Tonight, each book was only $4 - See, saving green. Since we are going on vacation soon, and I need to have books for the trip, I would have needed to buy a new book or two anyway. I did see some really cool Better Homes and Garden's Decorating books - too bad they were from 1991. Home decor was just as bad as fashion that year!

Nate bought some great comedy DVDs - good old school comedians. Should be fun to listen to!

If you are in the area, you should stop by the book sale. There were so many books we could have looked for hours! It goes until June 20th :)

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