Thursday, May 7, 2009

Turkey Fry

This past weekend I successfully completed my first fried turkey.  It was amazing.  Pops has always gone the creole/cajun route and the turkeys have always gone over well.  We used creole butter marinade with some cajun seasoning over the outside of the turkey.  We used peanut oil to fry the turkey.  The oil is getting super expensive ($40+). Dad found it for about half the price of other places at a farm implement store.  Be on the lookout!

The turkey takes about 3-1/2 minutes per pound so we threw in some appetizers before we got started.  We tryed jalapeno poppers and cream cheese wontons this time.  They turned out pretty well, and it only takes ~2 minutes.  Awesome!

The last time we fried a turkey at home, we tried some funnel cake.  It was delicious.  We haven't perfected the "look" but I'm working on it.

Meg and I have decided to throw a fry party.  Everyone brings something to fry, Meg and I will supply the turkey.  Let us know who is in.

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  1. The options are endless: but I might want to try tempura onion rings :)