Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Nate's Home Improvement - Gutters

Papa Smurf made the trek up this past weekend to help me out with a little project. We have a low spot right in front of our garage which turns into a pond during the summer and an ice rink during the winter. We'd like to replace the driveway and get everything fixed up but its just not in the budget right now. Meg and I decided we would throw up some gutters to deter some of the runoff to a different place and hopefully I would gain a little know how to so I can put them on the rest of the house next summer.

Where I come from every house has gutters but for some reason not many people do in our neighborhood...


The gutters were actually really easy to install, only took Dad and me 20 minutes to put up. The hard part was the downspout...

The downspout took us about 2 hours! The next time wouldn't take that long but it took us a while to get it all figured out. I ran it over to the side of the garage so we can install a rain barrel in a few weeks.

Have a little drip where the two gutter sections connect but nothing a little more sealant can't handle. As they say in the Electrical Engineering world, the bigger the glob, the better the job.

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