Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day

Let it begin, I'll be updating this blog today with some cool stuff I find. Most of this will make you feel good about yourself... NOT

Here is a carbon footprint calculator. If everyone was like me, we would need 5.8 planets...

The EPA has updated MPG ratings for all cars. This is my car. The adjusted ratings are pretty much spot on.

We've all heard about the electric car... but when are they coming out? How much are they? Nobody ever discusses... Here's a short list...

Fisker Karma - 2010 - $90,000
Tesla - 2012 - $50,000
Chevy Volt - 2010 - $40,000
Phoenix Vehicles - 2008?!? - ???
REVA - Available in India - ???
Zenn - Available - $20,000
GEM - Available - $10000
Nissan Cube - 2009 - $17,000

Get your "Walkscore" - How car dependent is your neighborhood?  Meg and I get a 40/100.

Who gets mail?!?  I have tried to keep all of our bills e-bills.  No more snail mail, sorry mail peoples.  It's like going to the store and waiting for an old person to write a check, DEBIT CARD.  According to a couple websites, if 2% of America switched to e-bills 180,000 trees and 10 million gallons of gas would be saved.

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  1. Our house got a 54/100. I thought we would do better than that!