Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Kitchen Tour

About 2 years ago we re-did our kitchen.  It all started with the floors... I knew I wanted something different, so we went with cork, but not just any cork, striped cork. 

This is looking in from our entryway.

After we added the flooring; the cabinets, countertops, and lack of backsplash just didn't fit in the room. So we changed all of those things.  We kept the cabinets that we had, but painted them.  Purchased new countertops, and I installed the backsplash (with the help of my dad)

When we were putting the kitchen back together after painting the cabinets, last minute I decided I wanted one open cabinet. 

Yes those are beer growlers... we have kids, we need to drink :)

I love the sink.  Since we were not getting rid of the cabinets, it was not going to be possible to put in a farmhouse sink, but I am actually glad that we couldn't.... I love this black beauty!

This area looks so much better (cleaner) now that Henry and Zoey are off bottles.  We used to have about 12 bottles drying on another drying rack at all times. 

Ugly foot photo-bomb. 

Sometime, when I look at the above shot, it makes we want to tear down those walls... and have a completely open floorplan.  But then I would have to get rid of my floors, and my countertops.  Basically a lot of work and money, so it is staying the way it is for now. 

 Our back door and bathroom.  

Looking in from our dining room. 

There you have it... our kitchen, 2 years after the initial re-do, still loving it, and still holding strong.

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  1. I love the look of the natural stripes! Thanks so much for sharing the link :)