Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Zoey Arminda

Zoey, Z, Monkey, Turkey 1, Little Girl

Zoey - you are the happiest, most independent little girl.  You took your time doing things, but once you do them, you do them well. 

While you let Henry role over, crawl, and pull up first, you were the first one to say Mama and Dada.

You started out so small... only 4lbs 13ozs.  And your first 4 weeks of life were spent in the hospital, while you were learning that you had to remember to breath. 

Once you came home, our family of four was complete...

Your arms always in the hair, your tongue out, and your hair straight up...

Soon we started to notice that your head was flat, and a helmet was prescribed. One more thing that you had to deal with, but you did it so well. 

9 Weeks later the helmet was gone.. and your head was more round. 

With the helmet gone you really started to move... rolling over and attempting to crawl.

And soon you were on the go....  you only did the worm for a few days, and then it was onto your knees.

Now, at 1 year old, you are pulling up, and it wont be long before you are starting to walk.

We have loved all the memories that we have made in this short time with you...

And cannot wait to see what you do next to make us smile and laugh.

While this year had its ups and downs, a smile from you and your brother made everything okay...

While your brother may take your nuk from you, you handle it with a laugh and maybe a smack...

... you play together so well.  Looking out for each other, making each other laugh, and being a friend at all time. 

Zoey- You are our little girl... and we could not love you more. 

Happy Birthday Zoey!

*I will be posting about Henry later today... check back