Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Henry Lee

Henry, Hank, Buddy, Turkey 2, Little man.

Henry-  born 2 minutes after your sister, you will forever be our baby boy. 

You were strong from the beginning. Learning to eat like a champ... quickly gaining weight.  As soon as you were able to do on demand feeding you took off....

In the hospital for 3 weeks, but I think you could have been out sooner, but they tried to get your big sister to catch up.

You are a ball of energy and spunk.  Always laughing and smiling, but occasionally showing your flair for the dramatic and give us a sneak peek of the temper tantrums you will learn to throw.

You see everything, and love to explore.  You learned to crawl quickly, so you could get to the toys that were out of your reach. 

You love to get and give attention  and will stop playing to just come over and give your dad or I a hug, then crawl right back to playing.

You love water, splashing through bath and swimming lessons.

And you love to make noise.  You are very good at mimicking Dad or Zoey.

You dont really like naps, because there is just too much going on to miss... which will lead to you falling asleep in your high chair or mid crawl.

 You are still our little eater, and will try most foods... a new favorite being pickles!

You are good at giving high fives, kisses, and waving bye.  And blowing rasberries...

You like to make sure  your sister knows that you may be younger, but you are stronger... wrestling her down when you get a chance.

You have big blue eyes and the longest eye lashes... it is hard to say no to that face. 

Henry, you love to tinker, and work until you have something figured out... like a doorknob, or letting the water out of the bathtub.

Once you the doctor announced that you were a boy, I knew how fun it was going to be to have one girl and one boy... and you have lived up to those expectations.

You are so sweet, funny and loving.  Your dad and I love you more and more each day.  This first year has been the most rewarding year ever, and we cannot wait to see what the future brings.

We love you!  Happy first birthday Henry!


  1. Megan, could he look anymore like you??? AdorableHappy birthday Henry!!! Let the fun times continue!

  2. Happy 1st Birthday, H and Z!

    Megan, I hope you are doing alright. :) I know it is bittersweet celebrating that 1st birthday. I want you to know it does get easier to enjoy each birthday. Beautiful birthday post and hope you enjoy today!

  3. Happy Birthday, Henry! Lots of first birthday love to the whole Schlueter family!

  4. Happy First Birthday to Henry and Zoey!!!