Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Teacher Notes

We really lucked out at finding a daycare.  The kids love it, the other kids and parents are great, and most importantly - the teachers are awesome.

 Each teacher has 4 kids, and Henry and Zoey each have a different teacher. While they are both great, we have a special fondness for Henry's teacher.  She loves him so much. She lights up when Henry comes in. And I would say that the feeling is mutual.  Henry loves his teacher too.

Everyday Henry and Zoey get report cards.  It basically lets us know when they ate, slept, pooped, etc. There is also a place for comments to fill out... and you can tell when the day is hectic for a certain teacher, and the comment section is empty.

Anyway, today I got a comment from Henry's teacher and it made me tear up, so I needed to post it so I would never forget.

'Henry had a great, fun, busy, day.  He's one of a kind with such a bubbly, happy, little personality.  I am enjoying every moment with him, knowing next month he's moving up to the next room'

I just feels good to have the people that look after your kids care about them as much as you do.

And just so Zoey doesn't feel left out... here is her looking her cute self...

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