Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Final Nursery Pictures

The nursery is finally done.... 

I had planned on hanging large letters above each bed, but obviously this had to wait until we knew the gender and the names of the babies...

They are both sharing a crib right now, both in Zoey's.

The lamp is from HomeGoods - and was plain white, and it got lost in the white of the wall and the curtains... so a little spray paint fixed that. 

Toy storage..... also from HomeGoods.

The book shelves are picture ledges from Ikea, and Nate made the ladder to hold all our baby blankets.  I think that is my favorite part of the of the room, because we use it all the time. 

We got so many books, that we had to hang a new shelf...

We spray painted some plastic animals and glued them to some reclaimed wood pieces (from a pallet) to make book ends...

The Tree is from a shower, and all the thumb prints are from the people that attended the shower.  Annie drew the tree and thought of the idea... how cute is that.  

Also, those hats are ones that they got from the NICU... can you believe how tiny they are.... 

This view shows you how small the room really is.... it is less than 10x10... we really had to get creative about storage.

The photo wall waiting to be finished (okay, so I lied, the nursery isn't totally done)... the plain octagon frames are from Goodwill, I spray painted them, and added plain paper and am going to add their foot prints.  

 Not part of the nursery, but look at all the cute shoes :)  They can almost fit into the front row... the converse are from my friend Kelly, and are her signature.  I cannot wait until they fit into those, they are too cute. 

 All their summer clothes are waiting to be worn.  I also need to get those closet organizers, that tell you what size the clothes are.  See all the diapers above and in the back little cubby... Yep, we will go through those pretty quickly. 

So, the nursery is not a typical nursery (in terms of colors and furniture), and it is small, but I love it.


  1. The converse looked so tiny when I bought them but now they look so big!

  2. So cute! I love the bookends. Also, I love converse. B&N had them last summer and I bought them again for this summer.

  3. I can't take credit for the tree idea. Got the idea from Pinterest....of course :)

  4. The nursery is adorable!!Want to decorate ours? :)