Friday, January 13, 2012

Nursery Colors

I was only 13 weeks along when I found my nursery inspiration.  It was the PERFECT rug at HomeGoods.  But who starts buying stuff at only 13 weeks along.  Not me - thats for sure.  But my friend Ali talked some sense into me, there is no way that I was ever going to find this rug anywhere... and at HomeGoods, you can just hope that it is there in a few months.  So, nervous and excited I bought the rug.  And here she is in the room that is starting to come together.

Yes- it is a rainbow shag run... and I LOVE it.  You can see the cribs are both together and the changing table/dresser in almost there.  But there is still a long way to go in the room.  See the pillow hidden on the changing table - that was a gift to Nate for Christmas, made by yours truly.  He is a little obsessed with Rhino's lately.   And the fabric draped through the crib, is a start to the crib skit that I am going to make.

Like I said - I couldn't go without DIYing a few things... and the first one I started was creating 2 mobiles:

They don't look it from these pictures, but they are level.....What do you think?

And a few more hints as to what is going in the room.  Yes that is a table cloth in the top right corner. And random painted numbers?  Trust me... I have a plan :)

Oh - and that orange container... a Christmas gift from my awesome cousin.  Now there is baby lotion and diaper cream in it (from my awesome aunt), and soon it will be filled with cotton swabs, and all the other little things that we will be needing. 

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