Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Things I Enjoyed in October

1. Going to the Shout House with the gang.
2. Having the entire family over for the Vikings game
3. Iowa football games
4. Vikings games
5. Watching the twins coming back and winning at the end of season
6. Going to Iowa City for the Iowa Michigan Game
7. Watching the Vikings v Packers game at Amber and Greg's
8. Annie and Jeff's Costume party
9. Dying Nate's hair and beard for him to be Billy Mays (pictures to come)
10. Wearing footie pajamas for Halloween
11. Going to the apple orchard
12. Have an apple fight at the orchard
13. Watching the Iowa Michigan State game at the Sports Page
14. The bonfire at Molly and Nick's on Halloween
15. My farewell Happy hour at BI
16. The first snow fall :)
17. Fires in the fireplace

I am sure that there are many more - but those are the top!

1 comment:

  1. You forgot:
    18. Leaving awesomely drunk messages for Kelly on her answering machine.

    It was a great welcome home when I got back from Hong Kong. :) Miss you!