Friday, August 21, 2009

New Belgium Brewery

I touched a bit on our trip to the New Belgium Brewery in my last post but wanted to get into a bit more. I just can't get over how great this place was. The brewery is celebrated all around town. The bike is a symbol for everything.

There is no admission and you are given 5 free beers of your choosing. You get to pick from there classics as well as there seasonal beer. You can't beat a Fat Tire and I'm a big fan of 1554. Both a little darker and delicious! One of the seasonals was a Dandelion beer. It was really good, I highly recommend if you get to take the trip! Each brewmaster gets to compete in a beer making competition and if your lucky the owner will pick yours and put it on tap as you see below.

Having the luxury of spending an evening with a group of the brewmasters teaches you a lot! First off they never just drink one beer. They are always mixing beers together. Their mixtures are really good. One of the mixtures was similar to a black and tan however they called it an Oprah. The Oprah was made from Fat Tire and Abbey (a black beer). See if you can figure out the reasoning behind the name.

Souvenirs are super cheap. Posters for $3, free coasters, T-shirts are $10-15. We may have picked up a few things:)

Meg and I were also quite intrigued that the brewery is powered completely by green energy. Most of there processes are also green, including recycling water. This worried me a bit but the beer tastes so good!!!

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