Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fort Collins = BEER

Our last stop on our Colorado getaway was in Fort Collins. It's a great little town that reminded me a lot of Iowa City and Madison. The one thing that made me fall in love with this place... beer. There were breweries every where and especially one of my faves the New Belgium Brewery. Home to Fat Tire, 1554 amongst others. More to come on this later!

Fort Collins is a short drive North of Denver. It has a far different landscape then the mountains, more like a desert. I will show you our hike in Fort Collins in my next post.

Our main reason for coming to Fort Collins is that Molly's friend was getting married to a gentlemen who happened to be a brewmaster at New Belgium. Fun for everyone! We were all invited to the rehearsal dinner Friday night at the brewery and then we hit the town with a few of Molly's friends.

You can see Molly was enjoying herself

J & J even had a few cocktails!

The ladies!

We made a pit stop at a real hole in the wall. I don't recall the name of the bar but it was covered wall to wall in bumper stickers. They also had cherries soaked in Everclear that were pretty good and very lethal.

You're all invited out when we move:)


  1. The cherries in Everclear were not good - they were awful! The first bite you think that they will be good - the rest of the time it is like haveing to chew a shot of very strong alcohol. I only had one - Molly had 3!