Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Day 4

One of the days of vacation we decided to take a nice bike ride and explore the town of Frisco which was just a few miles from Breckenridge. The whole crew hopped on some pretty nice rental bikes and away we went.

There were great bike trails the entire way.

I think we ended up with a 15 mile ride.

J & J at our lunch stop.

After the bike trip I needed some time to rest and ice...

I knew that if I didn't put this picture up somebody else would...:)

Molly, Uncle Nick and I had to grab a marg to cool down after the ride. This was at a local establishment in downtown Breckenridge.

We enjoyed a nice dinner at a seafood restaurant, don't remember what I had but it was delicious! Molly little help with the name here...

Nick's birthday was coming up and we had to celebrate with a little Cold Stone Cake.

Look at that excitement!!!!

This is what happens when you eat half of a Cold Stone Cake.

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