Monday, July 20, 2009

White Water Rafting

Day 3 of our adventure vacation included a trip down the Colorado River. In an inner tube. With a hippie. This was my first trip, the others had been on something of the sorts before. Uncle Nick had been on a few crazy rafting trips, which made me feel more comfortable, so I thought...

Great outfits, I know. The start of the cruise was pretty mellow, nothing to difficult.

But it got harder... Look at that intensity! Coach Sabers would be so proud.

Yes, that's an ear warmer. In our downtime we were offered blue raspberry Jolly Rancher's and lemonade.

As the river got wilder we came to a little place known as the Widow Maker. Our fearless leader, Jaime, had never had a swimmer. Today was a different day, as Nick decided to depart the boat with a big smile on his face.

Fear. Fear was what gave Meg and her huge pipes the ability to pull Uncle Nick back into the boat. It's definantly one of those had-to-be-there moments but one I will never forget it. Meg yanked him back into the boat and wouldn't let go and until Uncle Nick had to yell at her to let go. I'M IN THE F***** BOAT! Unbelievable!

I'm so proud:) What would I do without her?


  1. How did we not hear this story at Nick's birthday!?!

  2. Nate left out the part about him trying to pull Nick in - since he was closer, but he failed. Luckily me and my huge pipes were close by!
    Also- Thought for sure that Nick was going to make me try to pull him out of the water at the lake without the adrenaline.