Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Rain Barrel

On our path to "greener" land I thought putting together a rain barrel so that Meg could water her plants would be a nice piece.

Papa Smurf was able to get a nice sized chemical barrel to get us started. Hopefully it won't lead to Meg killing all her plants:) Two cans of plastic spray paint and voila! The lid was a table top Meg had picked up during one of her garage sale hunts. Very necessary to keep the vermin out.

Dad and I were able to manipulate the gutters so the water could dump right in. I drilled 2 holes. One for the spout, one for the overflow. You wouldn't believe how fast this thing can fill up during a storm!

I thought I was purchasing galvanized pipe but as you can see something isn't quite holding up to the elements. Depot guys are geniuses! In no way is that my fault:) I had to extend the spigot outward in order to get the watering can underneath.

The overflow heads right into the bushes. Still working on a "prettier" way to get that hidden.

1 comment:

  1. This is completely awesome. I wish I cared enough about the enviornment to do something like this. My philosopy is, "by the time it's a problem for me, someone will have a solution."

    That's basically why I eat and drink like I do. is that bad?