Thursday, July 16, 2009

Nick's Birthday Party Weekend

This past weekend we helped celebrate Nick's birthday at his family cabin on Lake Koronis. We had a blast and packed a lot in; Volleyball, tubing, water skiing, bags, eating and of course drinking.

We played flip cup on Saturday night, and went through a ton of beer. First we played with 2 team captains and picked teams playground style. I would like to say that I was second picked (thanks Nick!) Nate was actually first picked, but soon Ryan realized that was a mistake :) My team won hard core. Then we split up into the older people versus the younger, this was a much closer battle, and I am going to call it a tie, since it ended with the old (not older) people cheating in order to win. Below is a picture of my team celebrating the victory, and it might be my favorite picture of the weekend. Words can't even describe

The most popular person of the weekend (besides Nick) had to be Russ and Melissa's 3 month old, Trenton, aka cutest baby ever!. He was pretty happy and mellow all weekend, even though he was passed around all day long. He even went on his first boat ride. He didn't so much like the life jacket until he realized that he could chew on it.

Molly and Nick's nephews were at the lake for the weekend too, and they provided tons of entertainment. Like when Nick opened a couple bottles of liquor, and Matt said it was syrup and mouthwash, and Jake just yelled beer! Matt and Jake both seem to love Nate, so the 3 of them had to have a little ultimate fighting match.

Below is a picture of the a few people playing bags, with the lake in the background. So pretty.

All and all it was a great weekend, and I am still getting caught up in sleep.

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  1. why did you post the picture of me with 7 chins?