Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Breckenridge Country Club

The first day we were on our vacation happened to be Father's Day. We took our hike through Mohawk Lakes, and then the boys decided to play a little golf. Perfect thing to do for Jeeem.
The course in Breck is unreal. A Jack Nicklaus course that pretty much kicked all our butts. We brought two dozen balls, found a dozen, and ended up with 6?!? Something like that. Wasn't a good day for straight shots. I will tell you this, the altitude is a large ego boost when it comes to yardage. The average 300 yard drive turns into 350. However, it didn't help us with our iron shots, I would say 75% of them went over the green! The pic below describes how much time we spent in the fairway:)
Finally we started putting it together. It may have been the ridiculous clubs we had. The normal rentals I've seen are a mixture of clubs left on the course. Not in this case. Top of the line Taylor Mades for everyone!

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