Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Favorite Little Getaway

A couple weeks back Meg and I took a short trip down to Grandma's. The farm is one of my favorite places to be. Away from the city, the great outdoors, spectacular views, and the best homemade bread in the world. Took me a while to post some pictures but here they are. Mom has a sweet outfit!

My Uncle built a cabin down in the woods right next to a little spring. Nice little place to hang out. He made the Coyote Springs sign and actually named his outdoors store Coyote Springs Outdoors. Love to take a little hike down there.

The spring is pretty awesome. It had been raining pretty steady for a couple of days before we got there and it was running strong. We climbed up a bit but didn't make it too far. Little out of shape?!?

Grandma had gotten a few new additions to the family and of course Meg fell in love with them. I believe the cats name is Gracy... And of course there's Snoop!

It was pretty overcast while we were there but the views are pretty amazing. The sunset is unbelievable. Throughout college I always got a group to go up to the farm, camp out, and do some canoeing. You can see the awesome sunset in that picture.

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