Monday, June 29, 2009

Marge the Barge

Thought I'd start breaking down our awesome trip to Colorado with Marge. Marge was our 2003 Ford Econoline Van and she is special...

Jim got her from Courtesy Car Rental. She was fully loaded, and there was plenty of room for 6. Check out the custom rims! She also had some custom exhaust that made me giggle every time we headed up the mountain. Nothing like glass packs on a conversion van!!

Marge had a DVD player with a pretty large screen that dropped down, unfortunately the sound in the van was terrrible! I forgot to load the power inverter so we couldn't watch movies on the laptop for very long either. Instead we passed gas and laughed at Julie:) I mean Jim.

Molly the Navigator

Pumpkin and her neck brace


Sorry Uncle Nick, had to put that one in there...


Gotta have me some Red Vines!

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