Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Of course the first stop that we had to make in Colorado was to the liquor store, but not just any store, the biggest one in all of Colorado! Apple Jack is right outside of Denver, and it is huge.

Marge pulled up at about 8am, unfortunately it wasn't open yet. So we went to Village Inn for breakfast while we waited for it to open.

See all the trucks delivering their goods....

Look at the inside:

Me, showing off how big it was... Sorry fam, I couldn't embarrass myself and put the other pic in there :)

Clearly I was ready to get the vacation going - that is what happens when you have been in a car for 16 hours.

Nick and Nate liked it the most, I think that they wanted one of everything. Don't they just look like they are getting into trouble?

Next time you are driving through Denver, you should check it out - quite awesome.

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