Monday, June 1, 2009


Another weekend - another project! I have been wanting to tackle a headboard for our guest room for quite some time now - so I when shopping at the fabric store and found the perfect fabric for an awesome price ($3.42 for the yard!!!) I knew it was finally time!

So here is the before picture of our guestroom:

And here is the after:

The fabric is a dark gray with white circles - again for only $3.42 :)

It is very easy to make- we had Home Depot cut a piece of Plywood to the size we wanted it. (Yes, we could have cut it ourselves, but they do it for free when you buy the wood, that way- it fits into the car and it is one less thing we have to worry about). I also got 2x1s for the trim, to make the headboard a little thicker.

The 2x1s went on all 4 sides, like a frame.
To make the headboard look like it is a headboard and not fabric on a piece of plywood add batting (or the padding - for those of you that don't speak Homecoming Lawn Displays and VEISHEA Floats). But rather than spending the money to buy some - I used an old fleece blanket that we never use! Used the staple gun - and instant batting.

Next came the fabric. Since there was only one yard of this - I had to stretch it pretty tight, and it was cutting it close:

Lastly, we used this Heavy objects hanging kit - perfect!

So a one of a kind headboard for less than $20!

Next up - custom pillows!

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