Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up

So I know that I gave a brief weekend summary - but now I have the pictures to post.
Awake the Lakes is the annual Memorial Day 'festival' - which was really just people watching at it's best. Like the State Fair, only more small town :) But, like you would expect, the food was awesome! I had a corn dog and some of Nate's Cheese Curds (actually he ordered fries, but you know how when they through everything into the same fryer, you get a little bit of everything). My dad had a Chili Cheese Dog - it was so huge had to take some pictures (sorry Dad!)

Saturday morning we went shopping, while the guys went golfing. And then onto the boat for a cruise around the lakes. Right before the boat ride - I happen to catch Nate wearing a certain school across his chest - one that he said he would never be caught dead in. I had to move fast with my trigger finger, but I got the picture off :)

It was Pepper's first time up to the cabin, and she loved looking out the window - all day long! In fact, by Sunday afternoon, she was pooped out, and took a nap on Nick - ahh, how cute.

Meanwhile, Colby found his favorite basket and didn't move much from that spot all weekend.

It is sad - as we may not be back up to the cabin until July.. but then we have a good 2 more months to enjoy it :)

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