Monday, May 11, 2009

Nate's Woodshop Class - Dining Room Table - 5.11.2009

We are getting closer! The last post I had just finished up the legs, over the weekend Meg and I got the table top assembled and almost ready for stain.

We used the left over leg material to do the appropriate measuring and fitting.

Once we had the side boards cut to there correct length, we clamped them in place and using the Kreg Jig, we fastened them in place. The Kreg makes life so easy.

Next step was to sand everything down (which meant I had to get a new sander:)). We got most of it finished however there is one place I will have to use a little wood filler on the end of the door.

Convenient how Meg is in all the pictures "doing work". I will say that she does an awesome job and shes not afraid to get her hands dirty.

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